September 28, 2023 v3.28.2
This release contains minor tweaks aimed at enhancing system performance and user interface. Key updates include fixing errors, cleaning up old components and some wording changes. 

Improvements 🛠️

Fixing 500 Error on Boardroom Report When Logo is Not Available
No more bugs hindering your experience. We have fixed a problematic 500 error that previously occurred on boardroom reports when a logo was not available at the MSP level.

Cleaning Up LDAP Component
We did some spring cleaning, removing obsolete and redundant features like the LDAP integration. This resulted in a tidier, less cluttered, and more functional system overall.

Updating Wording for PAB
We understand that clarity is critical. So, we've updated our wording across the platform, including on the PAB settings, to ensure terms and phrases are easier to understand.

Blank State Issues
A visual issue was fixed on some of the lists' blank states like: training assignments, phish alerts, campaigns, users, company groups, and others.

Excluding Bot Events
We've ensured phishing Bot events are no longer counted on the events overview from the users/managers' profile.

Better User Experience when Cloning Campaigns
We have resolved an UX issue that prevented admins to save cloned a short campaign. 
Previously admins had to open the smart training part and skip training assignments to continue.

Our team has been on a mission to constantly improve and provide you with the best product possible. We're excited about these updates and believe they'll make your experience with our system smoother and more enjoyable! Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more improvements!

September 22, 2023 v3.28.1
This release contains useful updates and bug fixes on the admin app. We've made some improvements in the system for a smoother experience. 

Bug Fixes

The following errors have been fixed to ensure the integrity and reliability of the system.

  • Cyber Threat List Filtering We've eradicated a bug that was preventing the app from correctly filtering by date from the Cyber Threat results list. Now, filters are working perfectly as they should be.

  • 404 Error Fix: No more puzzling errors when members want to leave a company off your companies page. A 404 error appearing on this view has been fixed.

  • Breadcrumb Error Fix: A 500 error appearing when clicking on some of the breadcrumb links have been fixed, ensuring a smooth navigation.

  • Bounced Emails Graph Improved: The previously missing bounced emails are now correctly displaying on the phishing simulation graph when seeing the campaign details.

  • Boardroom Report Settings: On this release we fixed an issue when pasting stylized texts and images on the editors of the boardroom report, so from now images and text are formatted when pasting data into the editors.

September 20, 2023 v3.28.0
In this release, we have introduced an assortment of enhancements, bug fixes, and new features - aimed at improving the overall admin experience. We have optimized various parts of the application for better performance and user interface. Please read on to dive into the specifics!

New Features 🚀

These are the main new features added on this new version:

SID (Symbol Inbox Delivery)

Get excited! We've added a new functionality on the Company Settings page for enabling the SID (Symbol Inbox Delivery) on Microsoft 365. This new functionality allows customers using the M365 users synchronization to deliver phishing simulation emails faster and directly to users' inboxes.

The SID feature is now a part of sending Campaign Schedules. So you can boost your campaign's performance by integrating the SID with your Microsoft account!. 

Additionally We've added a tracker for user clicks and interactions. So now we can gain more insights about user engagement and make the app better for you! It's all about understanding and enhancing your experience. 

API Training Endpoints

The Symbol API now has a new endpoint to list training assignments, making it easier for customers to track and manage their training statuses.


This new endpoint will return a list of training assignments for a given company, so you just need to pass the {company_id} and start using it. It also accepts the following filters:
  • Date: (From - To)
  • Status: (Overdue, Pending, Completed)
  • Users
  • Asset

Managing Policy Notifications

This new version includes some additions and improvements to the Policy PRO feature.

Sending Reminders
From now, admins can navigate to the policy assignments list and send manual reminders to users with Pending assignments. This functionality can be performed individually or in bulk.

Managing Notifications
We've added the ability to manage policy notifications/reminders at the users and company level. So from the app/lms the following Policy notifications can be turned off/on:
  • Policy Reminders (At the user and company level)
  • Policy Assignments (At the user and company level)

Enhancements 🛠

  • We've optimized multiple views of the app like: Training Assignments, Campaigns List and Events by reducing the load time and filter queries so you'll notice an improvement when performing actions on any of those views.
  • Boardroom reports received a little tune-up - adjusting variance value on the template summary and updating the wording.
  • Undertook the task of removing LDAP Integration - thus reducing unnecessary clutter in the code.

Bug Fixes🐞

  • Fixed a pesky bug that was causing issues when updating user emails containing uppercase letters.
  • Addressed an issue with the boardroom report download which was not working correctly.
  • Fixed the bug related to the leaderboard podium and cyber champs list order - this should now work as expected.
  • Rectified the issue caused when certain campaign statuses were specific.
  • Resolved the issues that were causing errors with the users filter in training assignments when acting as an MSP.
  • Fixed the 500-error that was happening when admins wrote a single quote in the search inputs.
  • 404 error fixed when trying to remove an admins from a company.
  • Fixed an issue when updating users via CSV and the categories' names were not being correctly shown.

This release marks a significant step forward in terms of both functionality and user experience. We can't wait for you to explore what we've built. 

September 11, 2023 v3.27.0

User API Improvement

We've made some changes to improve your user experience and make life easier. Our dedicated team has enhanced the User API by introducing an asset filter to enhance the user endpoint in the API!.

The assets parameter allows you to search for users who have been assigned specific assets to them by passing a comma-separated list of asset IDs (UUID). For example:
September 8, 2023 v3.26.4
This release includes some critical bug fixes, enhancing user experience and improving overall system performance. We have fixed issues with user email and timeouts in the system. Here we go, read on for the details!

Email fix

Previously, there was an issue where emails were being stored in uppercase letters, causing difficulties for users during login attempts. We are pleased to announce that this issue has been successfully resolved! Users should now be able to log in without any problems.

Timeout fix

We observed situations where certain operations took longer to process, leading to timeouts. In this release, we’ve addressed this issue by significantly increasing timeout durations to accommodate these operations. This enhancement is expected to greatly improve the overall user experience and result in fewer timeout incidents.
August 31, 2023 v3.26.3

Changes ✨

In this release we've tuned our report data to resonate even better with you!. Changes include a revamped recommendations section and a more personalized introduction paragraph for the boardroom report .

Refined Recommendations Section
Our default recommendations paragraph has undergone a word makeover for an enhanced user experience. Expect more clarity and crispness in our advice!

Tailored Introduction Paragraph

Now feel an even personalized welcome with our integration of your company name in the introduction paragraph! You matter, and we want our data to reflect that.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

August 30, 2023 v3.26.2
This release includes enhancements in the Boardroom Report, geared towards making it more accurate and user-friendly. We have adjusted the variance value in the template summary and made some much-needed updates to the introduction paragraph's wording.

Changes ✨

Adjusted Variance Value on Boardroom Report
We made sure to revise the variance value on the template summary for the Boardroom Report. This adjustment is crucial to provide a more accurate representation of the data you're analyzing.

Updates on Summary and Introduction Paragraphs
In an effort to provide a more accurate data on the boardroom reports, we have updated the wording of the introduction and summary paragraph, making it more straightforward and easy to understand. 

With these changes, we aim to significantly improve the admins' experience in using and benefiting from our Boardroom Reports. So, we hope you find them as exciting as we do!.

August 28, 2023 v3.26.1


Boardroom Report Download
We fixed a sneaky bug that was causing problems with the single company boardroom report downloading. But, the good news is - it's working perfectly now! We also squashed a couple of bugs in our tests aimed at making sure boardroom reports come out right every time!
August 25, 2023 v3.26.0
In this release, we have made significant updates to the boardroom report and fixed a bug related to the bulk selection. Here's everything you need to know:

Boardroom Report Enhancements ✨

Apart of Phishing Simulation and Training, the boardroom reports now contains stats about other features like: Domain/Email threat alerting, Cyber Threats, and Policy Assignments. Here's a list of the main enhancements that we have done on the Boardroom Report:

Improved Visualization 
The whole document has a new look and feel, so it shows new donut charts, graphics, tables and colors.

Date Period Selector
To offer better control over boardroom report generation, we have added a Date period selector that allows admins to select shorter or longer periods for the report.

Report Settings
The report settings view allows MSP admins to manage the default content and style of the report from the MSP portal. It allows to customize the data that it contains, the features that will be part of it and the colors/logo appearing on each page.

Reports Downloading 
When generating reports at the MSP level, admins can easily download the reports as PDF for offline use.

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Resolved UI error in Bulk Selection - Issue encountered while unmarking selected elements in bulk and clear selection has been taken care of.
August 16, 2023 v3.25.1
Our team has been perseveringly tackling bugs, adding enhancements, and generally making our app even more awesome! This includes fixing a migration issue in Qatto, fixing an app update problem on the Domain/Email Threats page, and handling a bug causing 500 errors when we receive new variants from Qatto.

We've decided to bid adieu👋 to the extra DNS Twister provider, it was bit of a spring cleaning, out with the old and in with the new!


We obviously didn't stop at bugs. We've fine-tuned a few things here and there.
  • Added more context when receiving Qatto data to provide you with more comprehensive information!
  • Upgraded the Qatto callback URL, because why not?!
  • Spruced up the Qatto Receiver endpoint - now it includes the domain name.
  • Switched up the handler name and routes for better codifying our application.
  • Even our logs got a bit of a touch-up!

Bug Fixes 🛠

Hurrah! We spotted and squashed a couple of bugs! 🙌
  • First, we amended a migration for Qatto by including a default value. No more complications there!
  • Secondly, we fixed the issue of the last update date not refreshing on the Domain/Email Threats page.
  • Lastly, there was a bug sneaking around when we tried to update variants that didn't exist in our database. Don't worry, it ain't playing a trick on us anymore.
Well, that wraps it up! Amazing improvements, right? We couldn't make this all possible without your constant support. Can't wait to bring you more feature packed updates in the future! 😀

August 10, 2023 v3.25.0


Yay! Another exciting release is here!
We've been busy squashing bugs, bringing in some major changes, refining features, and sprinkling overall improvements to our application. This release includes significant bug fixes, updates that will make your user experience smoother and revamped features to bring you a better service.

Let's walk you through some highlights.

New Features 🎉

Policy Storage (Google Drive)

This new addition to the app allows customers subscribed to the policy PRO feature to integrate their Google Drive account with Symbol Security to automatically save the policy documents signed by users.

In order to integrate Google Drive, admins need to navigate to the option "Storage" placed under "Policies" from the left Sidebar menu. Then they just need to click on the "Connect" button to select the account they want to integrate and choose if they want to send past and/or future policy documents to the storage.

Right now the app allows integrations with OneDrive and Google Drive but admins can integrate just one account at a time and they are able to disconnect their policy storages anytime.

Changes ✨

  • We have improved the efficiency and experience of the Domain Threat Alert service.
  • Updated email formats and workflows for Domain Threat Alert notifications.

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Improved the company groups view and EU jobs on deployment.
  • Refined our training assignment workflow task.
  • Resolved an issue that caused a 500 error when accessing Training Assignments from a Long Campaign.
  • Took care of a flaw which caused an error while updating the form to include the new variable for target companies.

A big thank you for your continuous support. We're committed to providing the best experience and we hope you find these changes helpful. Happy using!
August 2, 2023 v3.24.0


Exciting updates are coming your way! We are excited to roll out the latest version of our application. This release brings quality-of-life improvements, bug fixes, and some cool features for MSP Partners and Single Companies!.

New Features 🎉

Company Groups 

The company groups feature allows MSP administrators to organize multiple companies based on their specific requirements effectively. This feature goes beyond treating all companies as one uniform entity, allowing for customization and tailored approaches to security awareness training.
When creating phishing campaigns or assigning training at the MSP level, you can now select specific groups of companies as the target audience. This means that you can customize the content and approach of the campaign/training to suit the characteristics and needs of each group.

Cyber Threat Data Sources

When using the Cyber Threat Surveillance feature, as default, the results are extracted from all data sources, however, now admins can decide from which sources they want to get results.

To define a custom list of data sources, navigate to the "Data Sources" tab from the cyber threat surveillance view and click on the "Manage Sources" button to choose which sources you want to use to get cyber threat results.

Managing Cyber Threat Data sources can be adjusted from the API as well, see our API Reference for further information.

Bugfixes 🛠

  • We have fixed a bug that appeared while saving draft campaigns. The button Save as Draft was improperly appended each time the save button was clicked. Now? Problem solved!
  • We made some minor improvements to the API documentation.
  • We improved the loading time when including new users into running campaigns.
  • We fixed an error when clicking on expired admin invitations.

Changes ✨

  • Phishing Bot Strategy: We've updated the strategy for our Phishing Bot Detection which is now far more efficient to identify possible false positives.
  • False Positives: We're now excluding false positive events from the app charts.

July 4, 2023 v3.23.0


We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest update, version 3.23.0, which introduces exciting new features for our admins. This release focuses on enhancing the document management capabilities of our platform, specifically allowing admins to upload PDF policy documents and enabling digital signatures for users. Read on to learn more about the new functionalities and bug fixes:

New Features 🎉

PDF Policy Document Upload 

Apart from creating policy documents using the editor, admins can now upload existing PDF policy documents directly from Symbol. This feature streamlines the process of managing policy documents by allowing admins to upload their policies in PDF formats.

We have also introduced a robust digital signature solution, empowering users to sign their uploaded PDF policy documents electronically. Digital signatures offer enhanced security and efficiency compared to traditional handwritten signatures.

From the training portal, users can sign documents using their mouse, touchpad, or touchscreen device, providing a seamless signing experience across different devices. All signed documents are securely stored in the app and/or OneDrive and can be accessed anytime for reference or auditing purposes.

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Error fixed when users tried to log in to the app.
  • Error fixed on the OneDrive Policy Storage feature after implementing the policy upload document functionality.

June 8, 2023 v3.21.1


We're thrilled to announce that our v3.2.1 contains great improvements for the Symbol Security API and Training Reminders feature. Also it includes the new functionality of managing Email Blocks from the app, as well as some bug fixes.

New Features 🎉

Manage Blocked Emails

When running campaigns and including phishing simulation emails as part of the content, sometimes users don't receive the emails because it bounces for variety of reasons like:

  • Fake email address: The email doesn't exist.
  • Incorrect email address: There’s no spell check in email address fields — typos happen!
  • Sender Blocked: the recipient may have purposely blocked the sender email address.
  • Not Receiving Emails: The email is configured to NOT receive emails.
With the new functionality added on this release, MSP Admins are now able to see the list of emails that have been blocked by any of the reasons mentioned above and they will have the option to Remove those users from the blocked list. 

In order to access to this list admins can navigate to the MSP portal and click on the option Blocked Emails placed under the Events tab from the sidebar.

Changes ✨

Training Reminder Updates

There's a new action when sending training reminders to users that will allow admins to remind users about all their pending assignments, no matter their statuses.

By navigating to the training assignments list both the MSP portal or a specific company and clicking on the "Remind" dropdown, admins will now see a new action called "All Pending Assignments". By choosing this action, users with any overdue or pending assignment will get a reminder email about all their pending completions.

API Updates

This release includes the fix of some errors received from the Symbol API when calling specific endpoints like:
  • GET /event_subscriptions/ (and using "company_id={id}" as a param).  
  • GET /msp/companies/{company_id}/users (and using any filter like: "training_status").  
  • POST /msp/companies/{company_id}/training/assign (and choosing past due dates).
We also added a new endpoint to the Symbol API that allows admins to refresh access tokens easily without needing to pass it again. They just need to run this endpoint:

  • POST /auth/refresh/
For more details check our API Documentation.

Bug Fixes  🛠

  • Issue fixed when accessing to Partners billing page.
  • Issue fixed when the app was not recovering points to users once events were automatically marked as false positives.
  • Error fixed when exporting a CSV of training assignments and the app was displaying empty users' categories.

May 29, 2023 v3.21.0


This release includes important additions and improvements to the app such as Auto-Approve for M365 users/groups, Policy Storage, API additions and more.

New Features🎉

Adding Ability to Manage Features for Companies (MSP) 

MSP Admins will now be able to Activate/Deactivate features for their child companies by navigating to the company details page and clicking on the new tab called "Features".

This new "Features" view will display a list of all features that the MSP partner is subscribed. MSP owners will be able to activate the following features for each of their companies:

  • Cyber Threat Surveillance
  • Domain/Email Threat Alerting Service
  •  Policy PRO
  • Opt-In Emails
  • Leaderboard (CyberChamps)

Assigning Training via API.

From now admins are able to assign training courses from the API. They just need to know the details like assets IDs and users IDs. 

In order to get the list of assets IDs, they could run this endpoint:
  • GET /msp/companies/{company_id}/training/assets
And for getting the list of users IDs, they can run the existing endpoint:
  • GET /msp/companies/{company_id}/users/
So, once they have those two pieces of data, they can make use of the following endpoint to assign the courses:
  • POST /msp/companies/{company_id}/training/assign
Get more details about these new additions to the API in our API documentation.

Policy Storage (OneDrive)

This new addition to the Policy PRO allows customers subscribed to this feature to integrate their storage apps with Symbol Security to automatically save the policy documents signed by users.

For now the app only allows integrations with OneDrive, but the next month we will be adding Google Drive to the list of available apps.

In order to integrate OneDrive, admins need to navigate to the option "Storage" placed under "Policies" from the left Sidebar menu. Then they just need to click on the "Connect" button to select the account they want to integrate and choose if they want to send past and/or future policy documents to the storage.

Admins can integrate just one account at a time and they are able to disconnect their policy storages anytime.


Since the last release we have worked on improvements to the Symbol API, so we included the following new endpoints:

API Event Subscriptions for Specific Companies

Before this release admins were able to use the event_subscriptions endpoint for all companies as default and the app was sending the information across all companies to a single place. But now admins using the API will be able to call the event_subscriptions endpoint to manage events subscriptions at the company level. 

Here is the list of new endpoints added:
  • GET /msp/companies/{company_id}/event_subscriptions/
  • POST /msp/companies/{company_id}/event_subscriptions/
  • PUT /msp/companies/{company_id}/event_subscriptions/event_subscription_id/
  • DELETE /msp/companies/{company_id}/event_subscriptions/event_subscription_id/
  • POST /msp/companies/{company_id}/event_subscriptions/event_subscription_id/test/

M365 Auto Approve Users

Before this release admins were concerned because the app was auto-approving every new users added on the Azure tenant, and sometimes those new users found were ‘service accounts’ that often get created but are not actual people that need training.

This time we have changed the approach of the Auto-Approve feature by allowing admins to choose specific groups within Azure instead of the entire population as default.

Admins can select the groups they want to auto-approve by navigating to the Pending Users view, selecting the option to show the list as "Groups" and clicking on the Auto-Approve "Switch" input next to each group.

Learn more about this change by reading Auto Approve M365 Users.

Moving from PubSub to Google CloudTask.

Before this release our background tasks were performed by Google PubSub but after discovering that most of the PubSub task were presenting issues when scheduling many tasks simultaneously, we decided to change the tool to be Google CloudTask.  This movement outside of PubSub is aiming for a better maintainability and uptime of our systems.

These are some of the tasks that we moved from PubSub to CloudTask during this release:

  • Training Assignments (Users)
  • Training assignments (Companies)
  • Company Boardroom report.

Reporting Admin Permissions Changes

Admins with the role "Reporting" had access only to a few views/features of the Symbol app, so on this release we reviewed the permissions of this role and decided to give more access to this role as we're adding more features and functionalities that they can use for reporting.

These are the views that Reporting admins will have access now:

  • Dashboard
  • Events
  • Training (Without ability to assign courses)
    • Assets
    • Assignments 
    • Users on Training
  • Users
    • List (Read Only)
    • Users Profile (Read Only)
    • Leaderboard
  • Reports
    • Summary Reports
    • Boardroom Reports
    • Phish Alerts

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Scoring for training assignments is now showing 100% instead of N/A when courses without quizzes have been completed.
  • Search and Pagination actions have been added to the M365 Groups list.

May 19, 2023 v3.20.4


This release contains some small bug fixes for the app.

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Bug fixed on the policy assignments form when selecting "All Users" on the list.
  • Error type changed when the passing an invalid company ID on the URL.
  • Error fixed when Updating the list of new Domain Threats found.
  • Error fixed when the app was still listing deleted courses when creating new assignments.
May 10, 2023 v3.20.3


This new version contains small bug fixes on the app.

Bug Fixes  🛠

  • Style error fixed when adding a wrong password on the log in page and app was displaying default colors instead of Company colors.
  • Error fixed when users were not receiving points after completing SymbolSecure Core courses.
May 3, 2023 v3.20.2


We have added great functionalities that will provide a smooth experience for admins when interacting with the app. Also we have fixed some bugs from the LMS and MSP portal. 

New Features🎉

Bulk Deletion of Cyber Threat Results

In our continuous effort to enhance user experience and provide comprehensive security solutions, we are thrilled to introduce a powerful new feature to the Symbol Security app: Bulk Deletion of Cyber Threat Results. This feature empowers users to efficiently manage and declutter their threat history by removing multiple cyber threat results at once, streamlining their threat management process and ensuring a cleaner digital environment.

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Style error fixed when more than 3 categories were added when creating new users.
  • 404 error when turning on/off the Opt-in Email switch from the company settings.
  • Fixing error when creating a new course.
  • Error fixed from the events' list when selecting All elements in 
April 28, 2023 v.3.20.1


On this version we have fixed some error on the admin app for the new "Cyber Champs" list.

Bug Fixes 🛠

- Issue fixed when the app was listing some users unordered.
- Issue fixed when user name was not being added on the Point details view.
April 25, 2023 v3.20.0


This release includes new functionalities and improvements to the Symbol Policy PRO feature, Dashboard, Leaderboard and others.

New Features🎉

Cyber Champs Leaderboard 

By clicking on the "View all cyber champs" button from the Dashboard, Owners and Members will now be able to see the whole users' leaderboard from the admin app. 

This new Cyber Champs view highlights with a podium the top 3 users with more points in the company. Admins can see the details of their points by clicking on the "View More" button.

SSO for MSP Admins

MSP admins can now enable the Single Sign On feature at the MSP level.

This feature was currently available for Single Companies only, but now MSP admins can navigate to the MSP settings and by clicking on the "Activate SSO" button they will be able to set the SAML Single Sign ON configuration for their MSP company.

The fields required to set the configuration are the same as single companies which are:
  • Entity ID
  • Reply URL
  • Logout URL
Once this has been configured on their providers they will need to upload the .xml certificate and click on "Activate SSO".

Bulk Delete for Users Categories

By navigating to the list of company users, Owners and Members are now able to remove the categories of multiple users at the same time. 

When selecting one or many users and clicking on the "Actions" dropdown there's a new option called "Delete categories", this option will allow admins to add up to 5 categories and remove them immediately. 

Bulk Delete for Email Blocks

The Email Blocks list now has an option to remove multiple emails blocks at the same time.

When selecting one or many emails from the list and clicking on the "Actions" dropdown there's a new option called "Delete Blocks", this option allow symbol admins to delete one ore many emails from the email blocks list.


Policy PRO Updates

The following new functionalities have been added to the Policy PRO feature:

Policies Completion Summary
A summary of the policies completion has been added to the dashboard of each company using the Policy PRO feature. This section highlights the last 3 policies assigned to users and shows a percentage of pending vs completed assignments. Admins are able to navigate through specific policies from this new summary section and see the list of all policies on the list.

Policies & Training Relation
When editing or creating a new Policy document from the app, admins will now be able to add up to 5 related training assets to the policy being created. So when assigning the policy to the users, the related trainings will be assigned to the users too.

When previewing policy documents and training assignments from the LMS, users will now able able to see if any policy or training is related to each other.

Note: Related training is an optional step, so admins can leave it empty if they want.

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Users points are now removed when removing a campaign.
  • Issue fixed for CAS URL redirects.
  • Permissions issue fixed for admins without access to delete curriculums.
  • Error fixed when sorting curriculum list by # of Assets.
March 27, 2023 v3.19.0


This Release includes improvements on the UX of features like: Policy PRO, Cyber Threat Surveillance and others.

New Features🎉

Filtering Cyber Threat Results by Negativity

From now, admins with access to see Cyber Threat results will be able to filter them by negativity. So, when clicking on the "filter" button the app will now display a range input that will allow admins to select periods like: 50% - 100% or 60% - 90%.

API Additions

We have included new functionalities to our API service, from now MSP customers using the API will be able to do the following actions:
  • Get list of users with pending, completed or/and overdue trainings. With the ability to apply the following filters:
    • Last assignment only. 
    • Exclude new users
    • Specific Dates (From, Until)
  • Turn On/Off Domain/Email Threat alerts feature. And the ability to:
    • Add New Domains
    • List Domains
    • List Domain Threat Alerts
    • List Email Threat Alerts
If you want to know more details, review our API documentation.


Policy PRO Updates

When signing documents from the Training Portal and using the name as Signature, users will now be able to select which font type they want to use for their signature. Also a user consent text will be shown below the signature pad to let them know that by clicking on submit they will be legally bound with the electronic representation of their signature.

Also when building policies from the admin portal, admins will now be able to use in the content the Users' titles as a placeholder.

Ability to Bulk Edit Users

A while ago this feature was hidden due to some issues found when editing multiple users at the same time and trying to change their emails. So this time we're launching again the option to bulk edit users. So admins might be able to edit them and update information like: emails, names, title or categories.

Creating Curriculums with Living Security

When creating curriculums, MSP customers under the SymbolSecure PRO library will now be able to include both Living Security assets and Custom contents to their curriculums.

New Knowledge Base Page

A new knowledge base has been developed for users and admins to access comprehensive and up-to-date information about a the Symbol Security app. The knowledge base is designed to provide users with easy-to-understand answers to common questions, troubleshooting guides, and best practices for using the app. It is also equipped with advanced search capabilities, making it simple for users to quickly find the information they need. Admins have access to additional resources, including detailed technical documentation, release notes, and API documentation. 

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Error fixed for boardroom reports which was including false positives on the clicks' count.
  • Error 500 fixed when MSP admins tried to enter to the training assignments list and their companies didn't have data yet.
  • Error fixed when trying to change the category of phish alerts reported by removed users.
  • Error fixed when removing users individually. 

March 3, 2023 v3.18.1


This version fixes some errors related to the users' assignments and LMS functionality

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Error fixed when accessing to the Users' Assignments page from the LMS.
  • Adding fallback for the LMS when accessing to the /my-assignments/path from the LMS.
March 1, 2023 v3.18.0


This new version includes important features like the new Policy PRO feature which allows companies to maintain policies signature status across their employees.

New Features🎉

Policy PRO

This new addition to the app provides the ability for admins to create custom Policy documents that can be assigned to users, similar to our current Training Assignments feature.

Once the users have received the policy assignments they can add their signatures from the Training Portal (LMS) and send it back to the administrator either using their names as a signature or drawing it.

The Policy PRO feature is an Add-On service that you can include in your current plan, if you're interested in getting this service talk to sales at and enable this great feature on your company(s).

These are some of the functionalities included on this new service:
  • Create Custom Policy Documents 
  • Clone Policies
  • Digital Signature for Users
  • Manage statuses for policy assignments
  • Weekly Reminders
  • Summary & Overview

Bulk Actions for False Positives

This functionality was designed to streamline the identification and resolution of false positive events in the app. 

With this feature, both Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and individual companies gain the ability to swiftly mark multiple false positive events for analysis and rectification, not only from within the MSP portal but also directly from the individual company's interface. By harnessing the power of bulk selection and categorization, admins can significantly reduce the time and effort traditionally required to manage false positives, enabling them to focus on genuine security concerns and ensuring a more precise threat detection ecosystem.

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Bug fixed when managing users' notifications at the company level.
  • Bug fixed on users' gamification algorithm when giving points for reported emails.
  • Bug fixed for overdue/pending assignments displaying completion date.
  • Bug fixed when editing Draft campaigns and training assignments were still in draft.
  • List order fixed on "Hours' Range" when creating short/long campaigns.
February 3, 2023 v3.16.0


This release version contains changes on the training providers, as well as some improvements on the admin app and a bunch of bug fixes.


Training Providers Changes

This release changes the way how customers see their training providers and their contents. From now we will have the following 2 training library options:

  • SymbolSecure CORE (It includes only Symbol Security's home grown training series that provides for user interaction and professionally narrated content covering a number of cybersecurity core topics).
  • SymbolSecure PRO (This option includes Symbol's own content, plus human actor training episodes from Living Security.
New customers will see these 2 options when signing up, and existing customers can adjust this by contacting Symbol Support.

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Fixing broken styles on the MSP and Single Companies portals.
  • Fixing CSRF Token issue when logging in .
  • Fixing routing error and status on the "Last Campaigns" section from MSP's Dashboard. 
  • Bug fixed when some courses without assessments were displaying 0% on the score.
  • Bug fixed when removing targeted users from long campaigns.
  • Fixing “undefined” text when filtering events or training assignments.
  • Language selection bug fixed on Living Security assets.

February 1, 2023 v3.17.0

New Features🎉

Soft Delete for Courses

Before this release, when removing a course from the app, it was entirely removing everything associated to that course including statistics like: assignments, training completion, score and others, so now we have included a soft delete action that allows admins to delete courses and selects if they want to permanently the course or just remove the asset and keep statistics like users' assignment, gamification events and others.

Bug Fixes 🛠

The following bugs were fixed during this new version:
  • 404 error fixed when trying to preview a course from the details view of a long campaign.

January 17, 2023 v3.15.3


This release version contains changes on the way how links are displayed on the training assignment/reminder emails.


Due to some issues reported on different email providers, now training assignment/reminder emails will have a link at the bottom instead of a button. This because some emails providers were not displaying the button correctly which affected users accessing to the training portal.

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Fixing email buttons issue on Outlook (Windows).
January 14, 2023 v3.15.2
TLDR;This version new functionalities like allowing to invite admins that are already users in the app. It also includes new additions and bug fixes.


Inviting Users as Admins

Before this release, if you tried to invite one of your users to be an admin, then the app wasn't allowing you to do that, and it was showing an error message like: "user is already an admin". But now MSP admins are able to invite users as admins of any company or MSP account (only if they are not already admins in another company).

Training Reminders Updates

 We changed the way how training assignment reminders are generate by enhancing the email content and deliverability.

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Error fixed when trying to update a long campaign including training assets as content.