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May 13, 2024
TLDRIn this release, we've made significant improvements to the platform's performance, stability, and user experience. Key highlights include fixing issues related to scheduling training, course due dates, user syncing, role changes, email reporting, and more. Additionally, we've introduced new features such as the ability to filter cyber threats by IPs, CVEs, and leaks, as well as adding new course categories.New Additions 🚀Cyber Threat Surveillance FiltersWe've improved the Cyber Threat Su...
v3.42.2 Cyber Threats Training Assets API
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Apr 9, 2024
TLDRExciting updates! We've revamped the Training assignments list, enhanced the User Portal dashboard and added a new control to manage Cyber Threat Surveillance notifications.🛠 EnhancementsMSP Training Assets ListWe've redesigned the training assets list in the Admin Portal. Now, admins can see a thumbnail image of the training assets to easily identify them. Also, they are able to recognize from the assets list and detailed page which assets have quizzes and not.User Portal Dashboard Enhan...
v3.40.0 Training Assets User Portal Email Notifications
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Mar 26, 2024
TLDR;Exciting updates! This release enhances user experiences, introduces new features, adds new endpoints to the API, and improves the load time of some views. Highlights include improvements to the email forward methodology, campaign details, MSP billing details, target user component and more.New Features 🎉Billing API EndpointsWe've implemented new endpoints to get billing details through the API, enabling access to historical billing information for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). For f...
Mar 15, 2024
Exciting new features and improvements! We've implemented a new version of the Report a Phish button and revamped the User Portal Dashboard with a Cyber Risk Score. Stay tuned for even more awesome updates!Phish Alert Button v2We're excited to introduce the latest version of the Phish Alert Button (PAB), now known as "Report a Phish"! While the installation process remains unchanged for this Outlook Add-In, we've made some tweaks to the user experience to better align with Microsoft's current re...
Mar 13, 2024
TLDR;This new version includes new features and enhancements to the Admin application and Symbol API such as adjustments to events subscription webhooks, historical billing information, changes on the campaign creation and even more...New FeaturesAdding metadata fields to API.We've implemented new metadata fields specifically designed for events subscription webhooks. These fields offer enhanced flexibility and granularity in tracking event data, allowing for more customized and detailed event m...
v3.37.0 API Campaigns Landing Pages Billing
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Feb 26, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed 404 error when sending a training reminder from the admin portal.
  • Fixing 404 error when loading the old Outlook Phish Alert button sidebar used by the previous version of the manifest file.
Feb 21, 2024
This release includes a collection of critical bug fixes, feature enhancements, and refactors. Outlook "Report a Phish" Modifications This release involves a rework of how we process suspicious emails reported with the Report a Phish button, with new backend algorithms for forwarding and deleting reported emails. Adjustments have also been made to handle possible situations of empty headers. Email Content ForwardFrom now when reporting a suspicious email using the Outlook Report a Phish butto...
v3.36.0 Phish Alert Button Outlook PAB User Portal
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Jan 31, 2024
This release brings a significant upgrade to the MSSP and Company subscription modules by recalibrating the number of seats billed per month. Additionally, we have improved the domain validation process when submitting a new domain to monitor [SYM-795]. These implementations are aimed to significantly enhance user experience and system stability!

Bug Fixes🛠️

  • Fixed the usage report generation when adding new users to the platform. 
Jan 26, 2024
TLDR;This release includes various important updates, bug fixes, refactors, feature additions, and optimizations to improve user experience, security, and efficiencies.Changes on Phishing Simulation Landing Pages 🎣We've updated the workflow for the use of phishing simulation landing pages on campaigns. The changes include adding an opt-in step at the campaigns' level allowing admins to decide the use of landing pages in campaigns. The app now shows a landing page switch option in the campaign...
Jan 16, 2024
TL;DR;This version includes an improvement to the way we generate and send company summaries. We've removed old training course categories and introduced exciting new ones, as well as adding new training courses to the library.ChangesAdjusting Company Summaries Approach [SUP-33]We changed the implementation for company summary generation and delivery, making it more versatile. A refactoring was made in the way how weekly and monthly summary reports are delivered to customers via email. With this...
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